Little Fishes Preschool

Welcome to Little Fishes Preschool.

We offer a stimulating and nurturing learning environment for children aged 2½ to school age which is safe, friendly and operates within the Early Years framework.

Our Preschool is community based, which means that it is managed by a committee of our parents. We are registered as a charity.

We offer a real sense of community both for our children and parents, through the opportunity to socialise and become involved in an exciting calendar of events throughout the year.

Aim/ Philosophy

We aim to provide a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment. We do this through the provision of qualified staff and an experienced management team with the skills and knowledge to offer wide ranging and appropriate learning opportunities.

We work with parents to involve them every step of the way through their child’s Preschool development.

Our Website is designed have everything a prospective parent needs when considering a preschool as well as keeping existing parents up to date on news and events.

If you need any more information or have any questions, click on the ‘Contact us’ page.